Bob Leckridge MBChB FFHom

I work at Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital. I’m a medical doctor, used to be a GP, but I became gradually disenchanted with prescribing only antis (anti-biotics, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories, anti-histamines, anti-hypertensives… you get the picture) and only having the time to focus on little bits of people instead of the people themselves (we call those little bits diseases by the way).

I had perhaps strangely had a notion that being a doctor would be about being involved in healing (ever tried looking up “health” or “healing” in a medical textbook? Don’t bother. No such index items!) so just suppressing bits of people didn’t feel like what a proper doctor should be doing. On top of that there were situations every day where I just didn’t have anything good to offer (everything from infant colic, to night cramps, restless legs, sports injuries, PMT…).

I happened upon a course in homeopathy at Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital back in 1983 – I didn’t know there was such a hospital and had no idea what “homeopathy” was anyway, but something about the ad caught my attention – wish I could remember what it was! – I think it was something that mentioned “healing”! Well, I signed up. I learned there about homeopathic medicines, how safe they were, and what their indications were and they gave us a wee box of 10 remedies to go and try out in our practices.

Well, from the first try I was amazed at how good these treatments were. They could deliver improvements in conditions I hadn’t other answers for and that was very useful. Patients would stop me in the street and thank me for the prescription because it had helped so much – that never happened when I prescribed an anti-something!

To cut a long story short, the patient demand for homeopathic treatment drove my learning and after I passed the Faculty of Homeopathy’s Membership exam I started working at Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital in the Outpatient Department every Wednesday. Well, my Wednesdays soon got an awful lot more satisfying than the Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, so I had a crisis. All my life I’d wanted to be a doctor, no, not just a doctor, but a GP, and here I was thinking I don’t want to be a GP anymore. So I stopped being a GP and for a few months did a weekly radio show on ScotFM, wrote a textbook of homeopathy for GPs, and did my Wednesday clinics.

After a few months my friend and colleague, Dr David Reilly suggested we make a bid for the creation of full-time position for me at the hospital. I started there full-time in 1995 and I’m still there. I love it! Every single day, every single clinic, every single patient. I look forward to every day of work. How many people can say that?