Australian first report released – at long last!

Australian first report released – at long last!







As a result of sustained pressure form the homeopathic community worldwide, the Australia's NHMRC has published it’s first report on homeopathy, which was produced in 2012 and kept out of the public domain until now. This is a victory in a longish campaign and does not immediately change things dramatically, but is definitely a step in the right direction. The first report is nearly 300 pages and appears to be more positive towards homeopathy than the 2015 report which was quoted widely in the anti-homeopathy campaigns. It appears that the first draft was compiled by a contactor whose contract was terminated by ‘mutual consent’ and a different team was used for the second report. The methodology of the second report has already been widely criticised, so there is plenty more detective work to be done.

The faculty would particularly like to congratulate Rachel Roberts, an honorary fellow of our faculty, for her incisive and tireless work on this issue.

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