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Coming together – Faculty of Homeopathy Congress 2018

Homeopathy in Practice - Autumn/Winter Edition recently published their write-up on the Faculty Congress 2018

Over the years, I’ve attended homeopathic conferences and congresses of all shapes and sizes. Although most could be described as informative, even enjoyable, there was something extra special about the Faculty of Homeopathy’s Congress, which took place in Liverpool from 11 – 14 October 2018. That ‘something’ is quite hard to define, but
it definitely transcended a simple description of ‘well organised and informative’; it felt like a ‘coming together’ of our embattled profession at a deep, even profound, level.

The theme of the Congress was ‘Homeopathy: Connecting our Global Community’, and every faction of our profession was represented. Delegates came from all over the world, and included doctors, dentists, non-medically qualified homeopaths and homeopathic veterinary surgeons. It felt really good to be able to offer our UK vets both moral support and encouragement in their battle to retain their right to treat animals with homeopathy.Read More

Brussels rejects the Spanish request to change the law on homeopathy





The European Commission will not change the directive on the use of homeopathic products in the Union. The Spanish government asked to tweak the text that regulates this therapy -whose properties are not scientifically endorsed- during an informal meeting held in September in Vienna when considering the current regulation "a risk to the health of citizens". Brussels does not share that opinion, and has reported that it does not fit into its plans to modify it. "The current framework finds a balance between guaranteeing quality and safety and informing consumers, including healthcare professionals," said Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis, in response...

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