Faculty response to British Veterinary Association (BVA)

Faculty response to British Veterinary Association (BVA)

The Faculty of Homeopathy welcomes the position statement on CAM in that it advocates that veterinary surgeons should be open to new evidence which challenges preconceptions. However to insist that all treatments must have a ‘pharmacological basis’ first and foremost shows bias towards one form of therapy.

Also the statement accepts that it is not for BVA to adopt positions which may be interpreted as infringing on client choice, yet BVA proceeds to do just that. The Faculty of Homeopathy is disappointed that BVA has not had the courage to challenge preconceptions and support its members in providing a range of treatments for their patients; rather they intend to hinder them in doing so by insisting they use pharmaceuticals before less harmful forms of therapy are employed. In an age when antibiotic usage is a critical issue this is anachronistic.

Sadly, the restrictions placed on BVA members by this statement can only lead to a significant reduction in the welfare of veterinary patients in UK.

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