• What qualifications do I need to join the Faculty of Homeopathy?
    You must be a statutorily registrable healthcare professional. If you live outside the UK you must hold qualifications which are registrable with the relevant professional body in your country/legislature/jurisdiction. Student membership is open to undergraduates on courses leading to certain professional qualifications. For more information please visit our membership section.
  • I have a BHMS or DHMS, can I join the Faculty of Homeopathy?
    Yes, BHMS and DHMS holders may join the Faculty as Affiliate members. See Membership Area for more information.
  • Where can I get information about Faculty of Homeopathy exams?
    For exam dates and deadlines for applications please visit the exams section of this website or contact the Education Officer education@facultyofhomeopathy.org Monday to Friday.
  • If I get Faculty qualifications can I practice as a homeopath?
    The Faculty of Homeopathy’s qualifications are for statutorily registrable healthcare professionals. Faculty members integrate homeopathy with their conventional healthcare practice. Non-healthcare professionals may contact other homeopathic registers of their choice/geography. If you want to practise homeopathy and you are not a statutorily registered healthcare professional contact the Society of Homeopaths or the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.
  • Can I do your exams without Faculty-accredited training?
    We advise you to complete Faculty-accredited training before attempting the exams. However, if you feel you have equivalent experience and would like to take an exam without training or apply for a qualification without examination, apply directly to the Membership & Education Officer - education@facultyofhomeopathy.org
  • Where can I go to get Faculty-accredited training?
    We have courses taking place in Bristol, London and Northern Ireland in the UK and India, Italy, Japan and Russia overseas. For the contact details of our teaching centres go to https://facultyofhomeopathy.org/training-in-homeopathy/course-providers/
  • Is there a bursary or funding available to help pay for my Faculty course fees?
    Students studying on Faculty of Homeopathy accredited courses in the UK and Republic of Ireland may be eligible to apply for a Barcapel bursary. Please visit the scholarships and bursaries section of this website for more information.
  • What are the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements that I need to fulfil to maintain my Faculty membership?
    In order to ensure the highest standards of practice, the Faculty of Homeopathy encourage all practitioners to engage in regular CPD activity. This should be recorded and documented using a standard template, demonstrating evidence of reflection and impact on practice. There is an expectation that the range of CPD activity should cover a practitioner’s entire scope of practice. This will vary depending on the practitioners working pattern, however, it should include a range of CPD activities within both homeopathic and conventional practice.         

    As a member of the Faculty of Homeopathy of good standing, there is an expectation that practitioners who are LFHom’s, MFHom’s, VetMFHom’s or Fellows should engage in regular CPD, with a minimum of 12 hours of CPD activity per year which is relevant to homeopathy.

    It is the responsibility of individual practitioners to maintain this standard and evidence may be requested as part of intermittent quality control checks. However, in the event of a complaint being made against a practitioner, the Faculty of Homeopathy, an appraiser, regulatory body, or other individuals may request copies of a practitioners CPD record. It is thus in everyone’s best interest that CPD standards are maintained.

  • What is Associate membership?
    Associate membership is open to all statutorily registrable healthcare professionals and is not a qualification. Members who have achieved a basic level of training in homeopathy hold the LFHom. Holders of the MFHom and FFHom are the most experienced Faculty members who have completed an advanced level of training. Some MFHom and FFHom members are also members of the Specialist Register. Faculty qualifications are only valid if the holder of the qualification maintains their Faculty membership. Other qualifications may be accepted at Affiliate level e.g. BHMS and DHMS. For more information visit our membership section.