Homeopathy Awareness Week 2020

Homeopathy Awareness Week 2020








Around the world, 10th April is known as “World Homeopathy Day” and celebrates the birthday of Dr Samuel Hahnemann. It is also the anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Homeopathy and marks the start of this year’s “Homeopathy Awareness Week”. This is an annual opportunity when the Homeopathic community focusses on raising awareness of Homeopathy to as wide an audience as possible. As a key partner in the 4Homeopathy collaboration, the Faculty is delighted to be involved in this year’s shared activities.

This year’s activities will feature a social media campaign and on the 4Homeopathy social media channels, there will be a new topic each day:

  • Friday 10th April - Fear and anxiety
  • Saturday 11th April - Coughs
  • Sunday 12th April - Viral flu symptoms
  • Monday 13th April - Respiratory issues
  • Tuesday 14th April - Insomnia
  • Wednesday 15th April - Family health
  • Thursday 16th April - General wellbeing

Please join in the conversation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where we will be using the hashtags #HAW2020 #TryHomeopathy #Homeopathy

The 4Homeopathy campaign will be directing people to the 4H websites below where there will be articles on these topics, infographics that you can share and images that you are welcome to use to help promote Homeopathy online.


During this year’s Homeopathy Awareness Week, the Faculty of Homeopathy would like to send best wishes to all our members, friends, colleagues, supporters and collaborators around the world. Together, may we continue to demonstrate the benefits and advantages of integrating Homeopathy within our practice.

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