Online webinar Comparing and differentiating the different animal families

Join our first online webinar on Saturday, 12th December 2020 – presented by Dr Jonathan Hardy

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In the first of our online webinars we will be studying Animal remedies. In particular, how to differentiate the different animal families, including Insects, spiders, snakes, mammals and birds. We will see how distinct themes, sensations and key phrases can quickly help us to choose between the various groups. Then with careful use of the repertory and study of provings we will find the individualising features which can guide us to an effective prescription.

The webinar will take place between 1000-1200 hours

Participants will receive handout material summarising the words and phrases which distinguish each family.

This webinar is free to Faculty members and to non-members there is small fee of £20.

For more information and to register please follow the link above.

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