The Faculty of Homeopathy has over 500 members worldwide.

Membership is open to all statutorily registrable professionals e.g. doctors, dentists, osteopaths, nurses, midwifes and vets.  Student membership is open to all undergraduates on programmes leading to registration as a doctor, dentist, osteopath, nurse, midwife or vet etc.

In December 2018 we launched the Affiliate category which is open to medical, nursing, pharmacy, veterinary and other medical professionals eligible for statutory registration in their own jurisdictions, who have completed a course of homeopathic study. This makes the Faculty a supportive home for BHMS/DHMS colleagues plus those practicing in fields such as naturopathy, functional medicine, environmental medicine, integrated medicine and the range of complementary therapies.

Members at all levels are encouraged to get involved in the full range of Faculty activities.

Reasons to join the Faculty

1. Meet like-minded colleagues
If you are interested in homeopathy and are just starting your training, you will gain enormously from being part of the wider homeopathic community – learning from others, sharing experiences and enthusiasm. Being part of the Faculty community will help you gain the most from your ongoing practice of homeopathy, wherever you are in the world.

2. Here to support you
The process of gaining the skills and qualifications to practise safely and effectively may seem challenging, particularly in the face of other pressures.  We understand this and we support and encourage those who are starting out on this path through named mentors, local group meetings and local colleagues.

3. Strength in numbers
Above all, we all need the Faculty to lobby and campaign for the recognition of homeopathy’s proper place in healthcare – by speaking as an authority, influencing the way medicine is practised and reinforcing homeopathy’s role in promoting health. By having a strong organisation with global leadership and an active growing membership, we can work more effectively to achieve our shared vision for homeopathic medicine.

See what some of our members have to say about Faculty membership. Click here to download a membership form.

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