New Faculty COO - My experience with homeopathy - 'it works for me!'

New Faculty COO – My experience with homeopathy – ‘it works for me!’

Stephen Cole, COO, Faculty of Homeopathy

Faculty new COO, Stephen Cole talks about his experience with homeopathy...
My first experience with homeopathy was whilst working in Guernsey. I had taken up sea swimming. It's a 365 day-a-year hobby on the island - the coast is never far away, and the clear water is far too tempting to ignore.
For the first season, I endured a tiresome cycle of ear infections - 'swimmer's ear'.  I tried everything, but invariably ended up with antibiotic drops from my GP - and several weeks out of the water keeping my ear dry...
It wasn't until a holiday in France that this annoying condition was finally cured.
Suffering a flare up, I found the nearest chemist, and described my symptoms. The pharmacist listened carefully, asked several questions and gave me a package with instructions. It wasn't until this point I actually realised that this was a homeopathic pharmacy!
I took the pills as instructed – Capsicum and Arsenicum album. By the end of the week I was back in the water!  For the next few months, if I had any sign or indication of an infection, I took the prescription again and the infection subsided.
However, for the last 5 years, (with 3 of those swimming almost daily) I have not needed anything and have had no sign of swimmer’s ear.

Homeopathy – it works for me!”