Faculty of Homeopathy – Appraisal and Revalidation Service

All doctors registered with the UK General Medical Council (GMC) need to hold a licence to practise if they wish to prescribe, sign death certificates, or perform certain specific roles for which a licence is required. Since 2013 doctors who wish to retain their license to practise are now required to go through a process called revalidation which is administered by designated bodies who are recognised by the GMC and include various organisations across the medical sector such as NHS trusts. The revalidation process includes an annual appraisal, collection of feedback from colleagues and patients at least once every 5 years, recording and reflecting on all continuing professional development (CPD) and significant events and covers various other elements of the GMC’s appraisal and revalidation framework CLICK HERE to download pdf.

Doctors who are members of the Faculty of Homeopathy who do not do any NHS sessions and for whom their employer is not a designated body have been able to have their annual appraisal and revalidation recommendations carried out by the Faculty since 2013. MFHom’s and above can connect directly to the Faculty as a designated body whereas Associates and Licenced Associates can use the same service through the Suitable Person route CLICK HERE for more information.

The Faculty’s appraisal and revalidation service is led by our own Responsible Officer (RO). The appraisal and revalidation team also includes an Appraisal Lead (AL), who supports the RO and can deputise for the RO if required, and Revalidation Manager (RM).

The Faculty currently have trained appraisers across the UK and recruit more appraisers as required. If you are interested in applying to become a Faculty appraiser please email the revalidation team at for further information.

Doctors who use this service are required to pay an annual appraisal and revalidation fee. This is in addition to their membership fee and current fees can be obtained from  Our fees are competitive with other Faculties and membership organisations.

You do not have to be a homeopathic doctor to use the revalidation service. Please contact the Revalidation Team at if you require any further information about the Faculty’s role as a designated body or connecting via the SP route.