The Snooks have arrived!

The Snooks have arrived!

The Snooks have arrived!

Homeopathy Awareness Week (14 - 21 June 2014) saw the launch of three short animated films promoting homeopathy. The films feature the Snooks, a group of cartoon characters that deliver simple but important messages about homeopathy in a light-hearted and engaging manner.

The animations are aimed at providing the general public with basic information about homeopathy but are also colourful and fun to watch. The key messages communicated in the animations are:

- Homeopathy is about treating the individual
- Homeopathy works
- Millions of people successfully use homeopathy.

Commissioned by the 4Homeopathy group, the animated films were produced by graphic designer and animator Sam Norland and include commentaries from a professional voice-over artist, who donated her time for the project. Several versions of the Snooks were created, but it was decided the rudimentary humanoid form in which they appear in the films best represented how homeopathy can benefit both sexes and all ages.

Cristal Sumner, chief executive of the Faculty of Homeopathy, said: “4Homeopathy wanted to come up with an idea that would deliver concise messages about homeopathy that would appeal to the social media generation and therefore have the potential of reaching a huge audience.

“Although the films are very short, planning and producing them was taken a great deal of time and hard work. The resulting animations are very appealing, with sweet characters, catchy music and simple but powerful messages.”

Members and supporters of all the stakeholder organisations that make up the 4Homeopathy group are being encouraged to link and share the animated films via their websites and social networking sites.