The foundation level course is open to all statutorily regulated healthcare professionals with qualifications that are registrable in the UK – for example doctors who are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC).  Upon passing the Primary Health Care Examination (PHCE) or LFHom Vet for vets and LFHom Vet Nurse for vet nurses, professionals will be equipped with an understanding of the basic principles of homeopathy and the ability to treat acute cases.  Those who pass the PHCE or LFHom Vet become Licenced Associate members of the Faculty of Homeopathy (LFHom).

After completion of the foundation course some professionals can then start to treat more complex cases under supervision and work towards the MFHom.

The PHCE exam is also open to those that have undergone training elsewhere, to learn more contact education@facultyofhomeopathy.org.

LFHom’s must always work within the bounds of competence expected of their profession and within the scope of their homeopathic knowledge.


The membership course is open to doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, podiatrists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors and vets.  After completion of the course which incorporates course based assessment, candidates will be expected to pass a clinical examination before being awarded the MFHom.  Doctors with the MFHom are able to provide homeopathy within an NHS setting and can also set up an independent private practice.  Other professions will continue to see patients in their usual day to day practice and will be able to offer homeopathy alongside their usual treatment methods. Many of our members who are dentists practice in privately owned holistic dentistry clinics and many of our veterinary members move from working in a conventional veterinary practice to a mainly holistic veterinary practice following training. Occasionally nurses and pharmacists will go on to practice homeopathy independently in the private sector.

For more details about courses such as duration and fees please contact the teaching centre you would be interested in attending.

Specialist Registration

Doctors who have gained the MFHom qualification can apply for Higher Specialist Training and work towards gaining Specialist Registration in the Faculty of Homeopathy.  Doctors will need to do a dissertation and viva before being awarded Specialist Registration

All levels of qualification are only valid as long as membership of the Faculty is maintained. Find out more about membership of the Faculty of Homeopathy and its benefits.