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The Faculty welcome recent initiative from HRH Prince of Wales encouraging increased uptake of COVID-19 vaccination

HRH Prince of Wales - Patron of The Faculty of Homeopathy and The College of Medicine


19th February 2021

The College of Medicine and the Faculty of Homeopathy welcome the recent initiative from our Patron, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, encouraging an increased uptake of the COVID-19 vaccination. Both of our organisations advocate an integrated, sustainable and multi-faceted approach to healthcare, emphasising the importance of prevention and seeking to empower a healthier and happier population.  Both organisations support the current public health measures in the fight against COVID-19 and, provided there is no medical contraindication, we encourage the public to take advantage of the COVID-19 vaccination programme. These preventative approaches are important strategies to limit the spread of COVID-19 and assist all communities around the world to emerge from the current pandemic.

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Sky News report 19th February 2021

1st June 2020

In response to the tremendous demand for information about the use of homeopathy during the COVID-19 pandemic, our two organisations would like to jointly share the following information.

  • Whilst there is currently no known cure for COVID-19, homeopathy ­­­­­­­­­­can play a useful role in supporting people through all aspects of this crisis.
  • The Faculty of Homeopathy’s members include doctors, nurses and pharmacists working in both the NHS and private sector. As healthcare professionals trained in both conventional and homeopathic medicine, they are able to effectively integrate these various disciplines within their practice. Many members are currently treating patients with symptoms of COVID-19 or who have tested positive for the virus.
  • Homeopathy has a long history of supporting patients with influenza -like illnesses and respiratory symptoms and doctors around the world are successfully using homeopathy alongside conventional medicine to treat the symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Whilst following government guidance and remaining mindful of the limitations of all medicines when dealing with COVID-19, Faculty of Homeopathy members are also prescribing homeopathic medicines to help support their patients at this time.
  • Homeopathy treats the individual person rather than any one specific disease - a truly holistic approach which can be effective in helping with emotional and psychological conditions as well as physical symptoms. During this challenging period homeopaths are successfully using homeopathy to help patients experiencing anxiety as well as depression, insomnia and grief.
  • Homeopathy is most effective when prescribed on an individual basis by a registered healthcare professional. At a time when the NHS is at maximum capacity, we recommend contacting one of the many Faculty of Homeopathy members who are conducting virtual and telephone consultations. Homeopathy UK’s charitable clinics are also offering free online appointments to those in need.
  • The Faculty of Homeopathy advocates an integrative approach to health, incorporating other lifestyle and nutritional measures to help boost immunity. These include eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, staying well hydrated, taking regular exercise and getting enough sleep. Many practitioners recommend taking additional Vitamins C and D, Zinc as well as Probiotics, under appropriate supervision.
  • Consulting a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or other healthcare professional who integrates homeopathy within their practice allows you to receive the best of both worlds, with the most effective treatments being tailored just for you.

For more information and to find a registered homeopath near you, please visit:


Please note

We wholeheartedly support the current public health advice from the Department of Health and encourage everyone to closely follow this advice. If you are concerned you may have contracted the virus, do not go directly to your GP or other medical service. Instead, call 111 and maintain self-isolation until you are advised otherwise. For further information, please see official guidance from the UK government, the UK NHS and the World Health Organisation.

 Faculty statement on expansion of membership eligibility criteria

London, United Kingdom, 17th December 2018

The Faculty of Homeopathy was founded in 1844. In 1950 it was incorporated by Act of UK Parliament. Now in 2018, the Faculty is extending its global influence by offering a range of exciting new membership options.

The Faculty of Homeopathy is the preeminent global association for healthcare professionals[1] who are trained to use homeopathy alongside conventional medicine. To date the majority of the Faculty’s members have been doctors practicing in the United Kingdom or European Union plus international members from India, Japan and Australasia. Today the Faculty moves to embrace further its international mission as it moves into its 175th Anniversary celebrations in 2019.

The Faculty is now pleased to be able to accept membership applications from medical, nursing, pharmacy, veterinary and other medical professionals eligible for statutory registration in their own jurisdictions, who have completed a course of homeopathic study. This makes the Faculty a supportive home for BHMS / DHMS colleagues plus those practicing in fields such as naturopathy, functional medicine, environmental medicine, integrated medicine and the range of complementary therapies. 

Faculty Membership Convener Dr Patricia Ridsdale said: “There are many parts of the world where homeopathy is embedded and growing. Supporting healthcare professionals globally is the key reason the Faculty has moved to adjust its joining criteria and developed a waiting list of potential members. The Faculty’s international standing is both a benefit and a leadership responsibility. We are looking to unite and support our colleagues.”

Faculty Chief Executive Greg White commented: “The tributes I have received from our international friends in recent weeks, following the tragic passing of Faculty President Dr Peter Fisher, speaks volumes about the high standing he was held in across the spectrum of complementary medicine. We all know Peter was nothing if not a staunch internationalist and therefore it is at the international level we must look to shape his legacy and the Faculty’s future. 

He added: ‘Peter was active in debate about membership eligibility throughout his time in office. He was a staunch supporter of growing our membership by the inclusion of healthcare and veterinary professionals eligible for statutory registration in the jurisdictions / legislatures of their practice, who have completed a course of homeopathic study. Growing our worldwide community is essential if homeopathy is to continue to thrive.’”

Membership application information is available here and

Footnote [1] Doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and midwives, veterinarians, osteopaths, chiropractors, opticians and podiatrists, plus professions regulated by the UK Health and Care Professions Council

Reasons to join the Faculty of Homeopathy

Founded in 1844 and incorporated by Parliament in 1950 the Faculty of Homeopathy supports medical professionals with their homeopathic practice. We are the only homeopathic organisation to be recognised by professional bodies such as the General Medical Council (GMC) and we have nine accredited teaching centres, including four overseas. This stamp of approval provides the general public with the guarantee that our members are fully qualified, medical professionals.

Faculty membership and courses are open to healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and dentists and vets. Courses are mainly part time and can be done flexibly at your own pace.

In addition to training, conferences and practical support membership of the Faculty of Homeopathy also includes:
• CPD opportunities
• Regular seminars and conferences
• Support and guidance to undertake research
• Patient information leaflets for your practice
• Membership to the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH)
• Access to peer-reviewed journal ‘Homeopathy’ (PubMed), Impact Factor = 1.524 (1.16 2016)

Find out more about Faculty membership here or request your FREE Faculty of Homeopathy brochure.

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