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At the Faculty of Homeopathy's Congress Dr Ron Whitmont - the immediate past President of the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH) - delivered a presentation on homeopathy's perilous political situation in the USA. He described in detail the legal and tactical block that the consumer group, Americans for Homeopathy Choice (AFHC), has made to defend homeopathy in the USA.

The goal of Americans for Homeopathy Choice is to block the FDA from treating homeopathic remedies as technically illegal, as proposed in draft FDA guidance December 2017. Their tactical block is in the form of a Citizen's Petition - which would legally halt finalisation of the Draft Guidance until the FDA addresses the petition. And now they need our help.

Unlike typical petitions where one submits signatures, this petition needs unique comments (brief ones are fine!) submitted to the Petition Docket. Unfortunately, generic copy-and-paste comments are all lumped together by the FDA which counts them as one single comment, so drafting a short comment in one’s own words is appreciated.

Please visit their website for easy to follow instructions on how to support their initiative. This includes an outline on how to draft your short comment. Also, please remember to share this information with your networks, your clients and any who believe in patient freedom to choose homeopathy.

Remember – what happens over there happens over here. To read more and submit to this petition please click to this petition please click on the link below.

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