Reasons to join the Faculty of Homeopathy

Founded in 1844 and incorporated by Parliament in 1950 the Faculty of Homeopathy supports medical professionals with their homeopathic practice. We are the only homeopathic organisation to be recognised by professional bodies such as the General Medical Council (GMC) and we have nine accredited teaching centres, including four overseas. This stamp of approval provides the general public with the guarantee that our members are fully qualified, medical professionals.

Faculty membership and courses are open to healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and dentists and vets. Courses are mainly part time and can be done flexibly at your own pace.

In addition to training, conferences and practical support membership of the Faculty of Homeopathy also includes:
• CPD opportunities
• Regular seminars and conferences
• Support and guidance to undertake research
• Patient information leaflets for your practice
• Membership to the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH)
• Access to peer-reviewed journal ‘Homeopathy’ (PubMed), Impact Factor = 1.524 (1.16 2016)

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Read about Irish vet who put ...

Irish Examiner - Thursday, 29th November 2018

Pat Aherne could best be described as a typical, thriving, ambitious dairy farmer.

Pat milks a 100-cow herd, grass fed 300 days of the year.

Pat is married with a young family and farms just outside Cork city, his nearest neighbour is Cork Airport.

While running a successful enterprise, Pat wants what is best for himself and his family but also for his herd, and a desire for improvement in herd well-being has taken him down the road of homeopathy.

“I had a major outbreak of mastitis eight years ago.

“I literally had 21 cases in the space of three weeks, 16 cases were being treated at the one time,” said Pat.

“I remember coming into the parlour one morning and feeling like I was going into a war against nature, and that I wasn’t winning the battle.”

Finally, Pat got on top of the outbreak, but not before vowing to never again subject his cows to the same level of antibiotic treatment.

“It was unsustainable economically, as well as taking its toll on both man and beast.”

It was then, by pure accident, that Pat happened upon homeopathic remedies as a way of treating his cattle. He started using them in 2010, and believes they helped to stabilise cell counts, reduce use of antibiotics, and speed up recovery from mastitis. The improvement was confirmed by a string of co-op milk quality awards, including an East Cork region win, one of the top six awards for supplying the best quality milk to Dairygold Co-op throughout 2016.

“With the help of homeopathy treatments, to my amazement, everything stabilised.”

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